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toronto bar mitzvah photographersA Bar Mitzvah is one of the most memorable and important events in the life of a Jewish man; indeed, the celebration represents his transition into a man in a very real way.

Mark’s Photography understands how important it is to capture the moments associated with this momentous occasion, and have gone out of their way to build a reputation as some of the best Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer.

What makes Mark so special?

  • Affordable – Mark’s Photography understands that having a good Bar Mitzvahs photographers at your son’s event shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. You will have a difficult time finding a better value for your money in the Toronto area when it comes to Bar Mitzvah photography. Whether you are looking for a series of simple shots or a substantially more elaborate production incorporating video and other assets, Mark’s Photography can deliver.
  • Reliable – Another thing you can count on when working with Mark’s Photography is that we will always be 100% reliable. We will show up on-time every time, always be dressed appropriately, and make sure we have plenty of backup equipment on hand in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Fun – Last but not least, We brings an element of fun to the occasion. We built a reputation as one of the best Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer for a reason – We really add to the experience. We will get all the most heartwarming, joyous, and exciting moments of the occasion on film, immortalizing them forever.

So if you are planning a celebration for a special young boy and are looking for the best Bar Mitzvah photographers in town, give us a call today.

Speak with one of our experts about how we can help capture the transformation of your young boy into a man on film or video, preserving the experience for all time.


Bar Mizvah Disc package

Collection with all images color corrected fully edited/polished

Bar Mizvah Package#2

60 Sides Digital album,
16X20 Wall portrait
60 thank you cards

Bar Mizvah Video Special

HI Resolution,Fully Edited
Full H.D, Blue Ray Included

Bar Mitzvahs

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